Bastian Concrete Construction has been building a legacy in cast-in-place architectural concrete since 1981 and provides a combination of decorative and traditional, exterior and interior flatwork for both commercial developers and residential clients. Operating from Madison, Wisconsin, Bastian Concrete Construction uses a variety of Bomanite systems including Bomanite Imprinted Concrete, Bomanite Patène Artectura Coloration Systems, Bomanite Custom Polished Concrete Systems, Bomanite Thin-Set, Bomanite Micro-Top Overlay Systems, Bomanite Florspartic 100 products, Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems and Bomanite Pervious Grasscrete.

Bastian’s well-earned reputation for success is based on collaborating with landscape architects, owners, engineers, and other stakeholders to review variables and make solid recommendations about the best concrete solution for each job. During design, solutions are evaluated for cost, constructability, long-term durability and the client’s aesthetic goals. As construction approaches, we coordinate with owners to tackle the logistical complexities of working amid busy retail centers, office parks, public spaces and residential communities. As a regional leader in concrete innovation backed by more than 40 years of hands-on experience in specialty concrete, Bastian leads the way while also benefiting from access to additional technical knowledge through Bomanite’s nationwide network of vendors.

Bastian Concrete Construction has been a continual presence on many important local projects including the imprinted concrete installations at Greenway Station in Madison. We enjoy developing and maintaining long-term client relationships that stretch over many projects and many years of continued service. Our reputation for quality and commitment to your interests sets the foundation for our legacy as eastern Wisconsin’s best concrete flatwork contractor.